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On May 31, 2022, Prof. Ingrid Milošev, Head of Department fof Physical and Organic Chemistry at Jožef Stefan Institute presented a webinar within the second season of the CorroZoom, series organized by Prof. G. S. Frankel at The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. This year, six top scientists from all over the world gave lectures on different corrosion-related topics, where Prof. Milošev had the honor of concluding the second season. Lecture entitled "Cerium conversion coatings on aluminium alloys" covered some fundamental considerations of the chemistry of Ce salts and general mechanisms of coatings formation, followed by examples from her group's research work on this type of coatings. The lecture, attended by around 300 participants worldwide, was followed by a broad discussion on the topic. Presenting at the CorroZoom webinar is a great acknowledgment and compliment to Prof. Milošev's over three decades-long research work dedicated to corrosion protection, including conversion coatings.

News Archive

Associate of the Department of Condensed Mater Physics of the Jožef Stefan Institute Professor Slobodan Žumer and his Marie Curie postdoctoral researcher Guilhem Poy at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, in collaboration with the experimental soft mater physics group of Professor Ivan Smalyukh at University of Colorado Boulder, made an important contribution to the interpretation and successful realization of a controlled opto-mechanical interaction of optical and topological solitons in frustrated chiral nematic liquid crystals. Finding of an unusual traction effect of particular optical solitons in such media allows light-induced periodic arrangement of topological solitons that in addition to the scientific aspect, has a potentially important relevance for use in the soft matter photonics. The authors recently published the results of this research in the article Interaction and co-assembly of optical and topological solitons in the renowned journal Nature Photonics.

News Archive

The Department of Environmental Sciences (O2) has recently obtained a new Horizon EU EU project, FishEUTrust: European integration of new technologies and socio-economic solutions for increasing consumer trust and engagement in seafood products coordinated by Prof. Nives Ogrinc. The four-year project, worth five million euros, involves 21 partners from 14 countries including 11 SMEs and two international organizations, i.e., EUROFISH and the EU Aquaculture Society. The project aims to establish a comprehensive approach to ensure a sustainable fish and seafood supply chain by developing new technological solutions for greater transparency and traceability, including metagenomic approaches combined with stable isotopes of light elements, sensor technologies and AI-based analysis to ensure safety and freshness as well as digitization. The project will also address consumer behavior and promote sustainable aquaculture and the blue economy. The Department of Computer Systems (E7) will also participate in the project with ICT and data science activities led by Prof. Barbara Koroušić Seljak.

News Archive

With the publication of the e-manual for digital intellectual property management in companies, the SRIP ToP Factory of the Future Center at the Jožef Stefan Institute completed the Go-DIP project - Digital Intellectual Property Management in Digital Enterprise Digitization Processes. The project addresses the current challenges of the European Community in the field of access, use and re-use of data, ethical use and trust in data in the field of artificial intelligence and open data. The Go-DIP project monitored various aspects of digital intellectual property management practices in companies in three areas: digital data sharing and digital data-based innovation, software intellectual property management and data management, and data ownership and exploitation of data intellectual property. The manual is free and available for download. The Go-Dip project was implemented within the Horizon Innosup 2018-2020 program. The total value of the project was EUR 50,000. The participating partners in the project were Hub Inovazione Trentino from Italy and Innosquare from Frieburg in Switzerland.

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