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In terms of research the Institute is divided into departments, laboratories and centres. The departments perform the research activity that is defined as a long-term programme of the Institute. In order to pursue the programme of the research, educational and other expert activities the work of the departments is coordinated within the context of the broader activity of the Institute.

The Institute pursues its activity by engaging in research programmes, research projects, development programmes and projects for the establishement and maintenance of the research infrastructure.


Theoretical Physics F1
Low and Medium Energy Physics F2
Thin Films and Surfaces F3
Surface Engineering F4
Condensed Matter Physics F5
Gaseous Electronics F6
Complex Matter F7
Reactor Physics F8
Experimental Particle Physics F9

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B1
Molecular and Biomedical Sciences B2
Biotechnology B3
Inorganic Chemistry and Technology K1
Physical and Organic Chemistry K3
Electronic Ceramics K5
Nanostructured Materials K7
Synthesis of Materials K8
Advanced Materials K9
Environmental Sciences O2

Electronics and Information Technologies
Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics E1
Systems and Control E2
Artificial Intelligence E3
Open Computer Systems and Networks E5
Communication Systems E6
Computer Systems E7
Knowledge Technologies E8
Intelligent Systems E9

Reactor Engineering and Energetics
Reactor Engineering R4

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