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Reactor Physics Division is situated at Reactor Centre Podgorica. Research is mainly directed into modelling and study of neutron transport and neutron – induced reactions. We also work on charged particles dosimetry and plasma physics.


  • Theoretical, experimental and applied reactor physics
  • Plasma physics and fusion technology
  • Medical physics
  • Solid state and semiconductor physics
  • Neutron dosimetry, spectrometry, radiography and tomography

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Head of Department
Dr.Luka Snoj, Luka.snoj at

Saša Škof, sasa.skof at
Telephone: +386 1 588 53 95
Fax: +386 1 588 53 77

Our research in the domain of reactor physics is directed mostly towards development of new methods for research and power reactor calculations. We work on neutron, photon and electron Monte Carlo transport, nuclear data evaluation, advanced nodal methods, pin cell and fuel element homogenisation and on methods aimed at precise power distribution reconstruction. Several program packages for reactor calculations both for our TRIGA research reactor and Krško nuclear power plant were developed at our department. Since the initial startup of the Krško nuclear power plant we are preparing – in parallel with fuel vendor – entire core design report and also performing physics startup tests using our own – now widespread – rod insertion method. We also study advanced fourth generation reactors, advanced neutron sources and data and materials for fusion technology.

Plasma physics laboratory performs experimental work and computer simulations which are intended for use within the future fusion reactor project.

Our research in medical physics is now mostly oriented into image guided therapy. Our intention is to use advanced methods of medical imaging to further advance radiotherapy. Solid state and semiconductor physics research is mostly oriented towards better understanding of metal – semiconductor junction.

J. Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Telephone: +386 1 477 39 00, Fax: +386 1 251 93 85