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The mission of the Department of Knowledge Technologies is to develop advanced information technologies for the acquisition, storage, management and discovery of knowledge, especially data mining, machine learning, decision support and language technologies. Our aim is to contribute superior scientific results to the global treasury of knowledge and accelerate the application of these technologies in the development of e-science and the knowledge society.



  • Data mining, machine learning
  • Text, Web and multimedia mining
  • Semantic Web
  • Knowledge management
  • Language technologies
  • Decision support

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Head of Department
Prof. Sašo Džeroski, Ph. D.,
Telephone: (01) 477 32 17

Mili Bauer, B.Sc.,
Telephone: (01) 477 31 75

Our goal is to advance cutting-edge research and applications of knowledge technologies, including data, text and web mining, machine learning, decision support, language technologies, knowledge management, and other information technologies that support the acquisition, management, modelling and use of knowledge and data.

Department members have authored and edited numerous scientific books, and chaired international conferences and workshops. We regularly participate in international research projects. We utilize our scientific excellence to achieve cutting-edge advancements in various fields of science.

Our technologies have been successfully applied to many practical problems, including fake news and hate speech detection, large-language modelling for under-resourced languages, spacecraft subsystem power consumption prediction, decision support systems for sustainable food systems, analysis and management of dynamic supply food chains, visualisation, analysis and simulation of ecological networks, sustainable management of water, fertilisers and pesticides in agriculture, safety management in nuclear power plants, sustainable mobility of employees in organizations, management of Parkinson’s disease, and speech-based diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

J. Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Telephone: +386 1 477 39 00