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The Scientific Council establishes the guidelines for the scientific research and educational activity of the Institute and is responsible for the educational and professional development of the researchers. The members are appointed from among senior researchers.

The membership of the Scientific Council reflects the activities of the Institute.

The members of the Scientific Council are appointed for a period of four years. Every two years, seven of the members are appointed. The Director is a permanent member of the Scientific Council.


Prof. Aleš Ude, Ph. D.
Prof. Anton Kokalj, Ph. D.
Prof. Barbara Malič, Ph. D.
Prof. Boris Turk, Ph. D. (DD), President
Prof. Borut Paul Kerševan, Ph. D.
Prof. Boštjan Zalar, Ph. D. , Director of the Institute
Prof. Denis Arčon, Ph. D., Deputy President
Prof. Gregor Papa, Ph. D.
Prof. Leon Cizelj, Ph. D.
Prof. Matej Lipoglavšek, Ph. D.
Prof. Milena Horvat, Ph. D.
Prof. Miran Čeh, Ph. D.
Prof. Rok Žitko, Ph. D.
Prof. Sašo Džeroski, Ph. D., Deputy President
Asst. Prof. Tomaž Klobučar, Ph. D.

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