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The Jožef Stefan Golden Emblem Prize is a golden coin, the head of Jožef Stefan on one side and the name of the prize holder, the sequence number of the prize and the date of the award on the other. In addition to the Jožef Stefan Golden Emblem Prize, each prize winner receives a certificate and a symbolic cash prize.

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Each year at the end of March the Institute organises the Days of Jožef Stefan to popularise science and to mark the birthday of this great Slovenian physicist. During this event the Institute awards Jožef Stefan Golden Emblem Prize for winning PhD dissertations in the fields of natural sciences, and medicine and biotechnology.

Each year a maximum of three prizes are awarded. The decision on the prizes is made by the Jožef Stefan Golden Emblem Committee, which is made up of expert researchers from the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenian universities and institutes. After a public announcement of the prize the committee meets to select the winners.

At the meeting on 19 December 2006 the Scientific Council chose the members of the Jožef Stefan Golden Emblem Committee for the year 2007:

Prof. Gregor Anderluh
Prof. Stane Pejovnik
Prof. Martin Čopič, President
Prof. Svjetlana Fajfer, President
Prof. Franc Solina

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