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Research programmes

1. Advanced materials for low-carbon and sustainable society P2-0393, 2015-2020, prof. dr. Ingrid Milošev (principal investigator prof. dr. Miran Gaberšček)

2. Chemistry for sustainable development P1-0134, 2017-2020, prof. dr. Stojan Stavber (principal investigator prof. dr. Urška Lavrenčič Štangar)

National research projects

3. Lightweight alloys based on aluminium as materials with increasing potential in transportation industry J1-6734, 2014-2017, principal investigator prof. dr. Ingrid Milošev

4. Development of molecularly imprinted polymers and their application in environmental and bio-analysis J1-6744-2, 2014-2017, prof. dr. Jernej Iskra (principal investigator dr. T. Kosjek)

5. Modulation of polyketid synthase complex involved in early and late stages of tetracycline biosynthesis J4-8226, 2017-2020, prof. dr. Stojan Stavber (principal investigator prof. dr. H. Petković)

International research projects

6. EUSpec (Modern tools for spectroscopy on advanced materials: a European modelling platform Materials, Physical and Nanoscience COST Action MP1306, 2014-2017, dr. Anton Kokalj

7. bilateral project Proteus SLO-FRA CECICORR Computational modeling and Experimental Characterization of Interfaces relevant for CORRosion: passive films and corrosion , 2015-2016, dr. Anton Kokalj, partner in France dr. D. Costa

8. bilateral project SLO-USA Corrosion protection of technologically important materials using environmentally-friendly coatings, 2015-2016, dr. Ingrid Milošev, partner in USA prof. dr. G.S. Frankel

9. M-ERA.NET Transnational call 2014 Design of corrosion resistant coatings targeted for versatile applications«, acronym COR_ID, 2016-2019, coordinator dr. Ingrid Milošev

10. M-ERA.NET Transnational call 2015 Corrosion inhibition and dealloying descriptors, akronim COIN DESC 2017-2020, coordinator dr. A. Kokalj

11. H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017 '' Magnetic and Microdynamics – from guided transport to delivery'', acronym MAMi, dr. Ingrid Milošev, 2018-2022 (coordinator prof. dr. B. Doudin, CNRS, Paris, France).

12. H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017 ''Advanced integrative solutions to corrosion problems beyond micro-scale: toward log-term durability of miniturized Biomedical, Electronic and Energy systems'', acronym mCBEEs, dr. Ingrid Milošev, 2017-2021, (coordinator dr. M. Lekka, University of Udine, Italy)

Projects with industrial parters

13. Research and development of surface active materials ECOT d.o.o., dr. Stojan Stavber