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Department is focused on physical chemistry comprising of experimental and theoretical studies of various physico-chemical processes at surfaces, and organic chemistry directed at the synthesis of organic molecules.

Synergy of these two fields is achieved in the studies of corrosion protection. We exploit a synergistic iterative approach where

  • organic synthesis is used to synthesize new, environmentally friendly coatings,

  • electrochemical and surface-science techniques are used to test their performance and to analyze relevant electrochemical and corrosion aspects, and

  • atomistic first-principle based modeling and simulation are utilized.

The goal is to gain new insight and understanding of processes of material protection and degradation, to steer subsequent research and to design new sustainable materials solutions.




Head of Department
Ingrid Milošev, Ph. D.
Email: ingrid.milosev@ijs.si
Telephone: +386 1 477 34 52
Fax: + 386 1 251 93 85