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Dr. ANTONIJA LESAR, Senior research associate ( Slovensko )



Department of Physical and Organic Chemistry
Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


+386 1 4773 218


+386 1 4773 822


antonija.lesar at ijs.si


  • B. Sc. in chemistry, 1977 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • M. Sc. in chemistry, 1991 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • Ph. D. in chemistry, 1993 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Employment and position

  • 1978 - at Jozef Stefan Institute

  • 2003 - senior research associate

Scientific interest

  • kinetic isotope effects in homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions

  • elementary processes of surface and gas-phase reactions

  • interaction of small atoms and molecules with single-crystal surfaces

  • molecular and electronic structure of anorganic and organic compuonds

  • theromodynamic properties of molecules and reactions

Current research interest

  • photodissociation

  • first principles calculations of ground and electronic excited states

  • mechanism of reactions of atmospheric significance


  • 1994, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (Hokkaido University, Catalysis Research Center, Sapporo, Japan)

Personal bibliograhy

  • Personal bibliography can be obtained from Cobiss.si; click here and wait a bit.

Selected publications

  1. A. Lesar, A. Popovic, J. Marsel Mass spectrometric investigations of NiTe2O5 and Ni2Te3O8 at high temperatures, J. Less Comm. Metals 143 (1988) 151-157.

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