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The Institute is co-funder of:
The Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School
University of Nova Gorica

The Institute signed collaboration agreements with:
University of Ljubljana
University of Primorska


Undergraduate and postgraduate students, graduates and school pupils are invited to participate in the research and development work of the Institute.

If you are interested, please contact one of the research departments raziskovalnimi odseki or centres centri by e-mail, providing some brief information about yourself and your field of interest, or send an e-mail to


At the postgraduate level young researchers are involved in basic research projects or applied research and development projects and are employed by the Institute. The funds for their salary, their expenses, the material and non-material costs for their research work and the cost of the postgraduate course are covered by the Slovenian Research Agency. Since the 1985 the young-researcher programme has been one of the instruments of the scientific policy of the Slovenian Research Agency for the stimulation of the development of human resources.


The Institute grants company scholarships to Slovenian and foreign students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a appropriate field of study.

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Štipendije za študij na Mednarodni podiplomski šoli Jožefa Stefana


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