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The programme groups have the greatest part of the revenue in the public service. In the period from 2004 to 2007 the revenue was increased by 8,8 % while the number of research hours did not change, which means that there was no real increase in this item. On account of the great increase of the Institute's own activity (revenue market) the amount of the programme funding in total Institute's revenue was greatly decreased from 35,7 % to 31,1 %.

Research projects have the greatest increase of the revenue in the public service. Research projects are basic, applied, post-doctoral and interdepartmental targeted research projects and are financed by the Slovenian Research Agency. Nominal increase is 71,1 % (in real terms the Institute has won 62,3 % more project contracts). Nevertheless in the total revenue of the Institute the funding of projects in the public service decreased from 28,4 % in 2004 to 26,9 % in 2007, due to great increase of projects in the Institute's own activity – market.

The financing of the young researchers increased by 18,7%, in the 2008 a great increase is also expected. Comparison of the covering of costs under the institutional funding is not precise because of the different presentations of items over the years. Institutional funding covers only about 50 % of the actual costs (costs that are defined by the legislation) and the share of the institutional funding in the total Institute's revenue is only 13,6 %.

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