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The Institute's own activity – market activity indicates a great increase from the 2004 to the 2007.

The most significant step (157,6 %) has been made with the projects from the framework programmes of the European Community. In the 2007 the Institute carried out more than 100 european projects. Also the amount of other international projects (most of them are with the foreign enterprise sector) has increased by 44,4 %.

The 29,3 % increase of the revenue from the projects with slovenian enterprise sector is very important. In the 2007 the Institute carried out 234 projects. The amount of other development projects for different slovenian customers greatly increased by 46,1 %.

The number of the patent applications per year raised from 13 in the 2004 to 22 in the 2007.

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Revenue 2004-2007
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Revenue market 2004-2007
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