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REVENUE 2004-2007

The Institute doesn't obtain revenues directly from the national budget. It participates in slovene and foreign public calls of the agencies and ministries as well as in invitations to tender of users. The revenue obtained by the Institute is divided in terms of accounting into the public service that relates mainly to programmes and projects of the Slovenian Research Agency, and the Institute's own activity that relates to the projects with the enterprise sector and other users and to the european projects.

The picture on the right shows the revenue in 2004 (green line) and the revenue in 2007(red line). The yellow line shows the potential revenue in 2007, taking into account the same amount of person months, if the research hour price was increased by 8,8%.

From 2004 to 2007 the total revenue of the Institute was increased by 25,2 %. Funding of research programmes was increased by 8,8 % while the number of the research hours did not change. If we take this as an inflation estimation then the overall increase of the Institute's revenues in the last 3 years was 16,4 %.

The amount of the revenue in the public service was increased by 14,8 % or in real terms by 6,0 %. The growth in the Institute's own activity was 62,4 % or in real terms 53,6 %. In the total revenue the share of the Institute's own activity increased from 21,9 % to 28,4 % while the share of the public service was reduced from 78,1 % to 71,6 %.

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