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To assist him in his work at the Institute the director can set up permanent or temporary committees or other working bodies. The area of work, the organisation and their competences are defined by the designation.

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  • Commission for investments

Prof. Milena Horvat, Ph. D.
Prof. Leon Cizelj, Ph. D.
Prof. Slobodan Žumer, Ph. D.
Prof. Matjaž Gams, Ph. D.
Ass. Prof. Leon Žlajpah, Ph. D., president
Tomaž Mertelj, Ph. D.
Matjaž Spreitzer, Ph. D.
Aleš Cesar

  • Commission for radioactivity and radiation matters

Ass. Prof. Primož Pelicon, Ph. D.
Ass. Prof. Luka Snoj, Ph. D., President
Matjaž Stepišnik, M. Sc.
Prof. Leon Cizelj, Ph. D.
Prof. Igor Jenčič, Ph. D.
Ass. Prof. Borut Smodiš, Ph. D.
Prof. Milena Horvat, Ph. D.,

  • Commission for reactor safety

Matjaž Leskovar, Ph. D., president
prof. Borut Smodiš, Ph. D.
Ass. Prof. Luka Snoj, Ph. D.
mag. Matjaž Stepišnik
Prof. Leon Cizelj, Ph. D.
Igor Lengar, PH. D.
Radojko Jaćimović, Ph. D.
Prof. Igor Jenčič, Ph. D.
Ljubo Fabjan, M. Sc.
Andrej Prošek, Ph. D.

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