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Convention center
The 12th ARK symposium will take place at the multifunctional Convention center of the Grand hotel Bernardin situated within a 15 minutes walk from the ancient town of Piran.

Piran is an old Mediterranean town which is situated at the cape of the Piran peninsula on the northern side of Istria. The town is actually one large museum with the medieval architecture and rich culture heritage. Narrow streets and tight houses are a special charm of the town. Piran is an administrative centre of the local area and also important Slovenian tourist centre. The most remarkable buliding of the Piran is a parish church of the St. George. The church was built approximately in the 12th century, present figure is from 1637. The tower bell of the church St. George was bulit in 1608 and is a smaller copy of the famous tower bell of St. Marcul in Venice. Interior of the church is worth seeing.

Giuseppe Tartini
Piran is the birthplace of composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who played an important role in shaping its cultural heritage. The town's main square is named after him. In 1892, to mark the 200th anniversary of Tartini's birth, the people of Piran decided to erect a monument in his honour. Venetian artist Antonio dal Zotto was commissioned to create the larger-than-life bronze statue of the maestro, which was eventually mounted on its pedestal in 1896. The statue dominates the square, overlooked by the Cathedral of Saint George.