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CASI Final Report - Acknowledgments

No significant achievement can be s solo performance especially when starting a project from ground up. The CASI Summer Course has by no means been an exception. It took many very special people to enable it and support it. Here I would like to acknowledge their precious co- operation and express my sincere gratitude to them.

(in order of appearance)

Prof. Sasa Divjak has again been very supportive and involved in yet another student activity. It was his support that helped the project to start in its earliest and most vulnerable stages. Sasa's name opened many doors and persuaded many people. Exhausted as he's been just before his well deserved holidays, he still found energy to make sure that we were provided everything we needed.

My deep appreciation goes to Sue, Suzana Domjan. Full of energy and kindness Sue was the most obvious person to start a project with. At the very beginning, I thought that BEST was Sue. As our work matured, it turned out that Suzana was also very reliable and hard working.

Igor Seljak worked mainly from background but nevertheless kept events under controll all the time. Natasa Debeljak, Isidora Pekic, Primoz Potocnik, Mojca Pavlin, all of them members of BEST Ljubljana, were doing their best to bring both Summer Courses to life. With great success, needless to mention.

Where ever he goes, he always says that we must work for our dreams to come true. His name is Rudi Bric and he has helped many computer science projects to come true. I am not addressing Mr Bric as a sponsor here, but as a big contributor to many student projects, as a person always willing to spend his precious time and to share his reach experience with us. To those who have ability to improve our society, Mr Bric is the example to follow.

My close friend Ales Spetic once again displayed his almost scary effectiveness when it mattered most, in the peak of the project. One of his many abilities, and the one I value most, is the power to endure. His determination to accomplish the goals we set and his high motivation were crucial for the final outcome of the project.

Another good friend Matevz Ferjancic finally found a job worth his capabilities. This was the good news, the bad news was that he got employed just when our Summer Course began. He didn't let us down. Frankly, nobody thought that he would. We did a very fine job of teaching the attendees many secrets of Internet to the extent that they were able to prepare some of the most lovely World Wide Web pages I've ever seen.

Matevz's young assistant, Stefan Baebler, deserved well my gratitude for the time spent in labs instead of summer beaches.

Mateja Pucihar was the youngest of us all yet she took full load of duties. She came like a blessing in the very last moment and gave a whole new value to a solid half of our activities. It probably takes much more that just charm to motivate so many students to work so hard. I was left overwhelmed by her loveliness but I did notice and I do acknowledge her devotion to hard work.

The last to arrive and therefore to mention but no doubt the most important part of the CASI Summer Course were the attendees. They formed a very homogenous and devoted team. They were also very nice persons. When my dear new friends arrived, the last whys where answered. It was a great pleasure and honour to spend our time with them and there could be no better payment for the efforts put into organising the Summer Course that their valuable presence. They were all very special to me.

Primoz Krajnik