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CASI Final Report - Activities

The Summer Course consisted of many different activities. Here we list the official activities, leaving all the others locked into memories of the attendees and the organisers.
The activities are divided into lectures and teamwork (workshops).

List of Lectures

Colos by Prof. Sasa Divjak (FER)

Prof. Divjak presented the Colos project to the attendees. Conceptual Learning (what Colos is all about) is a powerful tool for easier comprehension of the physical rules of nature and an interesting approach to teaching. The lecture was colourful and dynamic as is the subject discussed.

Computing Today by Prof. Sasa Divjak (FER)

This was the opening lecture of CASI Summer Course. Prof. Divjak discussed the current situation in computer science and the possible directions of future development. Many new terms were explained and many modern technologies reviewed.

Digital Cartography by Dalibor Radovan (IGF)

This lecture was held in the GIS department of the IGF Institute. Mr Radovan explained how maps can be produced digitally. Digital Model of Terrain (DMT) is usually a base for generating maps with computers. When plain DMT does not suffice, additional layers of data can be applied to the maps.

Early days of GPS by Prof. Zvonko Fazarinc (Stanford University)

Prof. Fazarinc gave the most interesting lecture of the course. This successful Slovenian scientist was among earliest pioneers of GPS technology. He and his team faced and solved many basic problems about GPS-based navigation. Working for HP at that time, they bought a van, built in their equipment and started what has later become a break-through in civil navigation. It was a privilege to have Prof. Fazarinc with us and to share with him the excitement of early discoveries.

GIS in Slovenija (Monolit company)

Monolit is a young knowledge-based company of experienced personnel. They presented the position and role of Geographical Information Systems in Slovenija. They have presented their own solutions as well as the ones generated by other high-tech companies.

GPS Applications (Globalvison company)

GPS has many different applications and navigation is just one of them. Globalvision, a high- tech company, has brought to life many real-world GPS applications. Some of them were explained and demonstrated.

GPS by Drago Torkar (IJS)

Global Positioning System is satellite-based global navigation system. It is used for accurate navigation on any part of the world. Formerly exclusive military domain is now well understood and widely used in many everyday applications such as car driving. Drago Torkar talked about the fundamentals of GPS.

Hermes SoftLab - Success Storyby Rudi Bric (Hermes SoftLab)

Mr. Bric talked about his professional career that turned into a success story of the biggest Slovenian computer company, Hermes SoftLab. It was most interesting to listen to a personal experience of a man whose dreams have come true. According to the evaluation forms, this was the most interesting lecture (a discussion actually) of the Summer Course.

HTML Design Theory, HTML Design Practice by Matevž Ferjančič

Matevž taught the attendees to design HTML pages. HTML has become the standard hyper- text format used widely and it represents the basic multimedia document type on World Wide Web. HTML adds a new dimension to the text - the links to related topics, pictures, sounds, data-entry field etc.

Human User Interfaces (Vizija)

Computer company Vizija succeeded to implement speech recognition technology in software solutions for different groups of users: medicare software, decision support software and educational software. The company presented their work and the technologies involved at our Summer Course.

Internet by Prof. Franc Solina (FER)

Prof. Solina presented global network Internet and its many services. Attendees agreed that the lecture was given consistently and at just the right level. It was an interesting global view on an almost everyday tool.

Practical GIS (Aster)

Aster, an important Slovenian computer company, played an important role in developing applications for handling some of Slovenian official databases. The support high-end graphics stations as well as PCs. They presented their work and some official databases at our Summer Course.

Satellite Imaging (Teledetection)

Satellites observe the Earth from space and are therefore able to provide us with various kinds of data that could not be gathered otherwise (or would be to difficult to obtain). Mainly the output of the satellites are photographs of the surface taken in different spectrums. The lecture addressed post-processing that really abstracts information out of satellite data.

Virtual Gallery by Prof. Franc Solina (FER)

A student group on our faculty has developed Word Wide Web based application called Virtual Gallery. An user of a web browser such as Netscape or Mosaic can walk through a gallery and observe paintings on the walls. This interesting application was presented to the attendees.

Team Work Activities

Attendees spent many hours of their time on teamwork activities. They have prepared an Internet Word Wide Web based presentation of the city of Ljubljana. The presentation is now widely recognised as the master WWW guide to our capital. Arrangements have been made that their work will become official electronic guide of Ljubljana, maintained and updated by the city authorities. This is a great compliment for our Summer Course and for all of us involved, both attendees and organisers.
The Internet Guide to Ljubljana consists of hypertext pages. There are three basic parts: Sight- Tour, Night-life, and Important Facts. Sight-tour is a picturesque book of interested places and buildings, each accompanied by textual descriptions and colourful photos. Night-Life guides mostly young tourists downtown to where the party is. Important Facts list the basics that are of vital importance for these that plan to visit our capital.
The Internet Guide to Ljubljana is a lovely piece of work. The high status that will get will be a rightful recognition of our work.