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CASI Final Report - Sponsors

It takes money to o get a project off the ground. Many things were provided to the attendees, resulting in a above-average standard.

The biggest contributor by far was a successful Slovenian computer company Hermes SoftLab. Hermes SoftLab is very unique in its will and ability to help bringing many projects to life. High concentration of knowledge, financial and other resources enables Hermes SoftLab to offer important support to its environment.

Hermes SoftLab has helped us financially, logistically and professionally. Beside providing the money, they have also rented us a van. We put into it a GPS receiver and radio transmitter that relayed the position of the van to the faculty. We were able to observe the position of the van on the computer screen.

Mr Rudi Bric, general manager of Hermes SoftLab, was also able to contact Prof. Fazarinc in United States and to ask this important Slovenian scientist to give a lecture about the beginnings of the GPS. Prof. Fazarinc played an important role in these beginnings and it was a privilege to have him with us.

IPS and Avtotehna have provided to us mobile radio stations that have proved to be a must in any serious field work. Those stations were also a communication backbone for relaying GPS positions from our vehicle to the tracking-computer on the faculty.

The Ljubljna Promotion Centre has offered us their professional assistance. They have as well sponsored some of our activities.