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Asst. Prof. Tadej Rojac, Dr Hana Uršič, Asst. Prof. Andreja Benčan and Prof. Barbara Malič from the Electronic Ceramics Department, Jožef Stefan Institute, in collaboration with Prof. Dragan Damjanović, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, published their recent results on Mobile Domain Walls as a Bridge between Nanoscale Conductivity and Macroscopic Electromechanical Response in Advanced Functional Materials. They showed that in polycrystalline BiFeO3 the local domain-wall conductivity within the grains results in an unexpectedly large effect on the macroscopic piezoelectric response. Their results bridge the local conductivity and the macroscopic piezoelectricity via domain-wall dynamics, revealing that the domain-wall conductivity must be considered when interpreting and controlling the macroscopic electro-mechanical properties of piezoelectric ceramics.