V001 / JSI / T16


Silver(II) compounds exhibit a broad range of peculiar physicochemical properties, which are described in the review "Chemistry of Silver(II): a Cornucopia of Peculiarities" written by Wojciech Grochala of the University of Warsaw and Zoran Mazej of the Jožef Stefan Institute. Their review paper has been published in the journal Philosophical Transactions A, published by the Royal Society (London). Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A is the oldest journal in the world that is dedicated only to science. The first issue appeared in March 1665, and so this year the journal is celebrating its 350th anniversary. Each issue is focused on a specific topic. The 13 March 2015 issue, in which the paper is published, has the title "The new chemistry of the elements" and is dedicated to the importance of the periodic table.