V001 / JSI / T107


Julian Walker, Hana Uršič, Andreja Benčan, Barbara Malič and Tadej Rojac from the Electronic Ceramics Department (K-5), in collaboration with researchers from Denmark, Russia, Portugal and Australia, published their work ˝Dual strain mechanisms in a lead-free morphotropic phase boundary ferroelectric˝ in the January 2016 issue of Nature Scientific Reports (DOI: 10.1038/srep19630). The work focuses on (Bi,Sm)FeO3 compositions at the morphotropic phase boundary, where they identified a previously unreported electric-field-induced phase transition. The authors demonstrate the unique occurrence of dual strain mechanisms consisting of ferroelastic domain switching and a field-induced phase transition, which simultaneously contribute to the macroscopic strain behaviour of these lead-free ferroelectric materials.