V001 / JSI / T10


Dr Marko Soderžnik, working on the FP7 project entitled “Replacement and Original Magnet Engineering Options (ROMEO)”, which is coordinated by prof. Spomenka Kobe, substantially contributed to the success of the JSI team. Fundamental research was the basis for a highly innovative technology, developed within the department. The technology is based on electrophoretic deposition and a sophisticated heat-treatment method for selective diffusion along the grain boundaries of the magnet. This technology has resulted in the project’s ambitious target magnetic properties being achieved. The process is now in the testing stage at Vacuumschmelze’s pilot line in Hanau, Germany. The final result will be high-energy magnets with the minimum content of valuable heavy rare earths. These magnets will be used in a prototype Siemens demonstrator motor for wind turbines as part of the ROMEO project.