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NATO Project on Uranium Legacies in Ferghana Valley
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Krovna organizacija ENVSEC.

Fifth Regional meeting of Oblast Environment Protection Departments on “Environment and Security Programme” in Ferghana Valley 19 June 2007, Bishkek


Preliminary dose and risk assessment of general population living in the vicinity of former uranium mining and milling sites investigated in Central Asia Mr Peter Stegnar, Project Co-director, NATO Project on Uranium Legacies in Ferghana Valley presented the preliminary results of radio-ecological assessment of priority sites and explained the methodology and tools of data collection and analysis. He communicated mostly optimistic findings (exposure doses are relatively low, no acute health hazards identified, little transboundary risks). Nevertheless, on-site preventive action, especially fencing and public awareness of risks, is critical. However, when talking about risks, the perceived risk is usually higher than the actual risk. This is a factor of insufficient information, bad living conditions and emotions. As next steps, contamination pathways and water supplies need to be further assessed and reported.

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