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Projects of Laboratory of Physical Chemistry

  • Research projects

    1. Survivorship of total hip replacements as a function of type of bearing surfaces

      No. J3-0052
      Duration: 2008-2011
      dr. Ingrid Milošev

    2. The effect of bio-environment on the stability of biomedical metallic materials
      No. J1-2243
      Duration: 2009-2012
      dr. Ingrid Milošev

    3. Role of molecular structure of inhibitors and their selfassembling in corrosion protection of metal surfaces
      No. J1-2240
      Duration: 2009-2012
      dr. Anton Kokalj

  • International projects

    1. Controlled surface structuring and surface functionalisation of advanced biomedical titanium alloys for orthopaedic implants
      MNT-ERA:NET II project, Slovenian organizer: dr. Ingrid Milošev, coordinator: Institute of Physical Chemistry »Illie Murgulescu«, Romania, 2010-2012.

    2. Reactions of S-containing radicals with amines and NOx: a theoretical study
      Slovenian-Norwegian bilateral project 2011-2012, dr. A. Lesar,dr. Claus Jorgen Nielsen, CTCC Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo

    3. Atomistic computer simulations of NO2 dissociation on Rh(100) and Rh(110) surfaces and the role of coadsorbed oxygen
      Slovenian-Japan bilateral project st. BI-JP/11-13/005 (1.4.2011-31.3.2012), dr. A. Kokalj, dr. Hideo Orita, National Institute od advanced Industrial Science and Tehnology, Tsukuba