Ime strani: IJS-AUP-English

Acceptable Use Policy

Since the computer network of the Institute is part of ARNES, Slovenian Academic and Research Network, it is governed by acceptable use policy of ARNES network.

The same rules apply when you use remote services that connect you using authorization or encryption technologies, such as Eduroam or VPN.

In summary, the following actions are considered unacceptable while using the Network:

  • facilitating access to the network to third persons
  • attempting to gain access attributed to a different user,
  • advertising and sending of chain letters using e-mail services,
  • the use of network access for the performance for-profit or commercial activities,
  • intentionally disrupting or preventing the use of the network by other users,
  • destroying or altering data owned by other users,
  • violating the privacy or publication of data owned by other users,
  • publication or distribution of data in violation of copyright,
  • creation, publication and distribution of data with offensive or pornographic content,
  • the use of false or misleading personal identification data with services on the network that demand such data,
  • the use of services run by others, when such services are not intended for public use,
  • the use of software and methods with the goal or result of compromising the functionality of computers, computing systems and networks.

ARNES reserves the right to decide on any suitable action in cases where it ascertains that the acceptable use policy rules of its network have been breached, including the prevention of access or permanent removal of access rights to the network.

In addition to the general validity of the above rules, we require users of VPN and wireless networks to be explicitly informed and to express consent. For this reason, you are required to send a signed copy of the above rules (in Slovenian) when you request access to any of the above services: IJS-AUP (pdf).