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Večnamenske Janusove nanoploščice

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N2-0118 Večnamenske Janusove nanoploščice
N2-0118 Multifunctional Janus Nanoplatelets

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Projektna skupina

Vodja projekta: dr. Jelena Papan

Sodelujoče raziskovalne organizacije: Povezava na SICRIS

Sestava projektne skupine: Povezava na SICRIS

Vsebinski opis projekta

Magnetic barium hexaferrite nanoplatelets (BHF NPLs) have been investigated in detail by the Host group and have raised the magnetic materials research to a higher level with the development of ferromagnetic ferrofluids. Main advantage of ferromagnetic ferrofluids over the solid-state ferromagnetic materials is that they flow and can be easily adjusted to any shape. Due to the possibility to transfer mechanical force they could be connected to electronic and optical segments. Materials engineering in MultiJanus project will be applied to develop novel magneto-electric and magneto-optic soft materials. Our original idea is to couple the inherent magnetic anisotropy of BHF NPLs with other functionalities, electrical and optical, via an innovative surface-selective hybridization that will yield multifunctional Janus NPLs. The two faces of these Janus NPLs will be the two basal planes with BHF on one side, and electrically-active organic ligands or fluorescent nanoparticles on the other side. The simultaneous manipulation of all their functional properties will be made possible via the rotation of homogeneously dispersed Janus hybrids in liquid media under a magnetic field, as well as under an electrical field in the case of magneto-electric Janus NPLs. The results of the project will generate knowledge on the assembly and hybridization of ultrathin magnetic NPLs at an interface, and on the colloidal interactions of new Janus NPLs in liquid media, as well as new multifunctional materials that bear potential to revolutionize wireless signal-transmission systems in industrial and service robotics, and sensing and remote control in hazardous environments. This project will undoubtedly contribute to candidate’s research maturity through solving different challenges in a field of synthesis and characterization of hybrid materials, as well as in dissemination, exploitation and communication of the research results.

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Faze projekta

1. Hybridization of magnetic NPLs

2. Processes at an interface

3. Characterizaion of the hybrids

Bibliografske reference

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