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National and University Library

[PHOTO] The building of National and University Library (NUK) stands on the site of the former Auersperg Pucal Palace built between 1660 and 1662. In 1895 the bilding suffered severe damage from the earthquake so that it had to be pulled down.

The NUK was finished before the begining of the Second World War, in 1941. But in 1944 a Nazi aeroplane crashed into it. After the war the building was repaired.

The building is a four-storeyed four-wing in the shape of an irregular rectangle, with two small inner yards.

The exterior surface is made up from various materials such as bricks and stone blocks, some of them smooth, others rough, some large and some small. In the interior you can be surprised by a number of excellent architectural details, made of marble, bronce or wood.

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