Ime strani: TomazApih / 7NMR / Commands

List of 7NMR commands

version 3.18.0 (4.9.2008)

Command    - Description
MEMBER     - Mmanage member lists
DLIM       - Set pulse programmer delay limits for D0 .. D9
NOOP       - no operation
PRINT      - PRINT to MainCRT window
GRAPH      - set GRAPH properties
DISP       - DISPLAY on DisplayMemo
ADJ        - Adjust AD board parameters directly
TR         - Trigger on pos.(TR +) or neg.(TR -) edge
CLS        - Clear main CRT
DW         - Set dwell time
GAIN       - Set gain (unit = Volts)
ZE         - Zero accumulated signal
ZG         - Zero Go = ZE + GO
GO         - Start acquisition
GS         - GO SETUP
GS2        - GO2 SETUP
HELP       - Display HELP for AU commands
HB         - set Horizontal (time) base
VB         - set Vertical (Voltage) base
INI        - (RE)Initialize AD and PP boarda
QUIT       - quit NMR 007 program
DI         - DIr .AU or .PC programs
F_OPEN     - F_OPEN n FileName  : open file 1<=n<=9
F_READ     - F_READ n variable  : read variable from file n
F_CLOSE    - F_CLOSE n : close file (1<=n<=9)
TYPEAU     - types AU program
TYPEPP     - types PC program
RLS        - Input (or display) Receivar Phase LiSt
QPN        - Equivalent to RLS +X+Y-X-Y
QPF        - Equivalent to RLS +X
AU         - run AU program
GOTO       - GOTO LABEL: jumps to LABEL:
GOSUB      - GOSUB LABEL: gosubs to LABEL:
RETURN     - RETURN returns from GOSUB jump
IF         - IF bigger from 0, execute next command, else jump 
END        - END ends AU program
SET        - Set variable values
ADDS       - ADDs (appends) strings
ASKYESNO   - ASKS for 1 (Yes) or 0 (No) value of a variable
MESSAGE    - MESSAGE Text_Message Caption
ASKS       - ASKS for string variable
ADDR       - use CALC instead
ADDI       - use CALC instead
MUL        - use CALC instead
GETINT     - Integrate FID and store result to a variable(s)
GETINTS    - Integrate SEGMETED FID and store result to a varia
BEEP       - BEEP
SHOW       - SHOW variable values
LOCK       - LOCK variable
UNLOCK     - UNLOCK variable
STAT       - Show status of channel i
TD         - Set time domain
BS         - Set block size
WRA        - WRite Averaged signal as ascii file
WR         - WR write averaged signal
RE         - RE - read signal from file
WJ         - write job parameters
RJ         - read job parameters
PPE        - EDIT .PC FILE
CURRENT    - input CURRENT in Z0 shim coil
ENABLE     - ENABLE/DISABLE special features
WAIT       - WAIT for specified amount of time
STOP       - STOP ZG or AU program
SETPAR     - SET reserved PARameters
TABLE      - stores lists of delays to TABLE
GRID       - enables storing variables in data grid
PLOT       - adds PLOT from Chart to Plot
PAGE       - PAGE [<index>|<name>] : show page 
CUR        - CUR [i1 i2 [READ]] repositions, displays or reads 
FR         - FR 40.123 sets SYNT frq. to 40.123 MHz
MOTO       - MOTO: set of commands to control motor
ITC        - ITC: set tempereture by ITC controler
TIMESTMP   - TIMESTMP timestamps _TIME and _DATE variables
CALC       - CALCulate expression
SELECT     - SELECT various parameters like default dir etc.
SP         - control spectrometer settings
TRIM       - TRIM resonant circuit
TUNE       - TUNE resonant circuit
GPIBINI    - initialize GPIB devices
ML         - ML <command> call MATLAB with string <command>
EMAIL      - EMAIL <> <subject> <body>
TMP        - TMP is a test procedure
T32        - T32 is a test procedure
BUTTON     - define "User Button" with any command
PB         - test PulseBlaster
PBC        - test PulseBlaster Compiler
FFT        - test FFT (Development)
ADC        - test ADC (Development)
SPEC       - SPEC displays some characteristics of the spetrome
Use HELP [command] to get additional help