Pisarna za prenos / Spela.ang / Desno

Doctorates. Postgraduate studies in physics of elementary particles and nuclei at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, 2005
Univ. dipl. physics. Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, 1996
Univ. dipl. director. Academy for Theater, Radio and Television, University of Ljubljana, 2005
Master's Degree Student "Scientific Management and Organization", University of Ljubljana, majoring in marketing

Training period abroad
1997 CERN-JUAS, Geneva, Switzerland.
1998-2000 Professional Development at the Deutsches Synchrotron electrons Institute (DESY), Hamburg, Germany
2007 MIT Boston Industrial Liason Office, Technology Transfer training
2008 Germany at CERN, research and technology transfer training, Innovation Forum, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
2007-2008 more TT trainings (ASTP, CERN, EEN, IEEE NSS/MIC, Leuven R&D)

Prizes and awards
1986-1996 Zois scholarship
More Slovenian secondary school awards in mathematics and logic
1989 prize at the Yugoslav competition in chemistry (research project) at Skopje, Macedonia
2000 prize in the contest for the best Slovenian drama of young playwrights
2003 Award Zlatolaska for best student performance
2003 Award Zlatolaska for best Director
2005 prize in the contest for the best Slovenian puppet text, LGL

Experience in the field of scientific, technical and popular science publications
Published scientific, professional and popular science articles in professional journals and popular science, details
Editor of brochure Development opportunities of JSI, 2007, ISBN 978-961-6303-90-3
Section editor of the book dr. Bibijana Čujec, Where are we from, Mohorjeva Publisher 2005
Editor of the online newsletter IJSplet, "Jožef Stefan" Institute, 2007- , ISSN 1855-3540

Research areas
Studying the possibility of using silicon detectors in use in mammographic imaging, medical physics
Spin dynamics in high-energy electron accelerators, stochastic methods, physics accelerators, particle beams dynamics
Management of technologies. Technology Transfer from scientific research institutions in the economy
Knowledge transfer in education.The impact of scientific research in the school system
Harold Pinter, absurd drama

Project management of the economy and culture
Mehano Play Physics - Apsida, d. o. o., design, organization, project management
Theater Director (eg Prešeren theater Kranj, Ljubljana Puppet Theater, Civic Theater of Ljubljana), details

Work experience
Research and Development at JSI
Project management in development work in the economy and culture
Specialization in the field of accelerators, electron spin physics, medical physics, technology transfer, the impact of science in education, theater director

Functions outside the Institute
Referee for projects of the Austrian Ministry of Science (Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung), program Sparkling Science
Referee for projects of the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign InvestmentsR