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Dr. Spela Stres was born on 24th October 1972, she attended primary school and high school in Tolmin, where she graduated in 1991. From the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Ljubljana she graduated in 1996 and master's exam conducted in 1999. Doctoral dissertation, entitled Numerical and analytical studies the dynamics of spins in the storage ring she made at the same faculty in 2005. In 1996, she started working at the Jozef Stefan Institute as a young researcher, in 2001 she was elected to the title of assistant with master's degree and in 2009 in the older researcher of IJS, as research and development secretary. She conducted the exercises at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, scientific researching and wrote popular scientific articles of the work of the IJS. In 2005, she started working on integrating science and education and industry for the benefit of society at large.

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Š. Stres is the initiator of cooperation between Venneto Nanotech, Venneto Innovazione and Institute Jozef Stefan. It is also an initiator and leader of cooperation between the sub-unit Communication and Technology Transfer and Technology Transfer Division at CERN and Leuven Research & Developement at KUL in Belgium. Working in cooperation with the CERN help establish a European network of research institutes in the field of Technology Transfer.

Š. Stres also graduated from the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana as a theater director (class of prof. Mile Korun). In the professional theaters she has directed several performances.

Špela is married to Rok and has three children; Dora, born 2001, Svit, born 2003 and Luna, born 2006.

head of financial sub-unit Communication and technology transfer

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