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In our laboratory the corrosion properties of metals and alloys in various corrosive media can be analysed with a wide variety of different electrochemical technicques according to the standards ISO 12732, ISO 11845 and ISO 17475. Data on corrosion rate, corrosion current and polarization resistance of a metallic material of interest can be obtained.

Long-term corrosion behaviour of various machine parts, screws and other industrial parts can be tested in the salt sprey chamber ASCOTT according to the standards ASTM B117 and ASTM G85.

After corrosion testing the surface can be analysed using microscopic and and various surface analytical techniques in order to characterize the corrosion products formed.

Please contact ingrid.milosev@ijs.si or barbara.kapun@ijs.si

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    Salt spray chamber (left) and test samples in salt spray chamber (right).