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Head of Laboratory: dr. Stojan Stavber

Research programme

  • Biomimetic models of halogenations of organic molecules (haloperoxidation).
  • Development of new reagents and methods for selective fluorination of organic compounds under mild reaction conditions; reaction mechanism.
  • Development of green and sustainable oxidation and halogenation processes.
  • Antimalarial peroxides (1,2,4,5-tetraoxanes), their synthesis and structure/activity relationship.
  • Fluorous chemistry: new systems for halogenation and oxidation of organic molecules based on advantages of the fluorous phase
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Outstanding achievements / news

  • Zois Award of Republic of Slovenia for outstanding scientific achievements (2000)
  • Promotion and evaluation of 1-fluoro-4-hydroxy-1,4-diazoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane bis(tetrafluoroborate); AccufluorTM NFTh as versatile, selective, mild fluorination reagent

Short Description of Research

  • The main point of our research in the field of organic chemistry is connected by selective halogenation of organic compounds under mild reaction conditions using reagents and conditions carrying biomimetic characteristics. Special attention is dedicated to the green chemistry approach to these reactions and eco-friendly moderators (hydrogen peroxyde) and reagents (iodine, X-L reagents) are investigated using water, fluorous solvents or solvent-free conditions. Regio and stereoselective synthesis of tetraoksanes, new generation of potential antimalaric agents, is investigated.