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Industrial partners:

We can perform analyses of corrosion resistance of materials/devices or their protective coatings:

  • electrochemical measurements according to standard ASTM G3-89. Data on corrosion rate, corrosion current and polarization resistance of a metallic material of interest can be obtained.
  • immersion testing in corrosive medium according to standard NACE TM0169/G31-12a
  • testing in salt spray chamber according to standard B117-7A and ASTM D610-01.

Please contact dr. Ingrid Milošev (ingrid.milosev@ijs.si) or Barbara Kapun (barbara.kapun@ijs.si).

Regarding synthesis of organic compounds please contact dr. Stojan Stavberja (stojan.stavber@ijs.si).

Head of department

prof. dr. Ingrid Milošev
email: ingrid.milosev@ijs.si
tel: +386 1 477 3452

Administrative assistant

Barbara Kapun, BSc
email: barbara.kapun@ijs.si
tel: +386 1 477 3426