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From: ERRIN Secretariat

Sent: lundi 5 janvier 2009 15:34

To: ERRIN Secretariat

Subject: ERRIN to be present on "Research connection 2009"?

ERRIN to be present on “Research connection 2009”?

The ERRIN Secretariat is looking for successful projects from members’ regions which could be presented at a joint exhibition stand during the R&D event co-organized by the EC and the Czech Presidency in Prague on 7-8 May 2009.

A call for proposals designed to select organizations willing to exhibit their R+I projects within the framework of the conference is now open until 15th February 2009.

This major exhibition will provide space for some 40 stands, where EU-sponsored research projects will be on display.

* Space will be made available (not more than 20 m²) to the selected exhibitors free of charge. * A basic package will be provided, including utilities, wall construction elements, a title poster, one entry in the exhibition catalogue and two free admissions to the conference. * Exhibitors will come at their own expense and will be responsible for the transportation of their exhibit.

Proposals will be selected with the objective of covering the widest range of activities, areas and countries, according to the following criteria:

* All exhibitors must be involved in an EU research/innovation Programme * Quality and originality of the material to be exhibited (strong visual aspect) * Actual demonstrations, mock-ups etc. are always preferable to just posters * And computer presentations. In any case, posters should be only used as “eye * catchers”, without lengthy explanations * European dimension of the activities to be exhibited * Involvement of new Member States. Selected projects must involve at least * One organisation from a new Member State. About half of the stands will be * allocated to organizations located in the new Member States * Interest for new participants in FP7.

See info on the event + call text on:

Please note that a second call for proposals to be published soon will target participants willing to propose and organize a 'Forum' / workshop in the margin of the event. These sessions should provide other participants with advice, examples, good practice etc and help them to participate in EU research programmes.

For more details or expression of interest, please contact the ERRIN Secretariat as soon as possible by emailing

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