Ime strani: Guest Guidelines

Jožef Stefan Institute Network: Guest Guidelines and Instructions

  • WiFi for guests – In most of the Institute you can use the guest account:

    • SSID: guest

    • Password: *** (to check for current password look at the handout in the appartments and main buildings)

  • WiFi with Eduroam – You can use your Eduroam account where supported (in offices and laboratories, but not in apartments).

  • WiFi in the city – In the off-campus apartments a commercial WiFi provider is installed. Elsewhere, Telemach free WiFi and WiFree (1 hour limit) are also available.

  • Ethernet in apartments – wall plugs or spare plugs in WiFi access points are available. DHCP is required. (Outbound connectivity via NAT.) Please do not disconnect the access point or remove its patch cable since this will trigger an intervention. Thank you.

  • Ethernet in offices and laboratories – Settings depend on the department administration – please contact the local administrators or inquire through

  • Sending e-mail – Please use port 587 (e-mail submission) for your outgoing mail. Port 25 (SMTP) is blocked.

  • Acceptable use policy – Please note that all use of the Institute network is bound by the National Academic and Research network's accepted use policy. Please avoid the use of network for penetration testing tools, unauthorized resource use, sharing of copyright materials, communication under assumed identity of another user and other activities not suitable for academic environment.

  • Contacts at the Institute – In offices and in apartments Institute phone extensions can be dialed directly (use the last four digits only). Please use 0 prefix for any external calls. A directory of Institute personnel phone and email contacts:

  • Support and assistance with the network is provided by the Network Infrastructure Centre support team:

    • email:

    • phone: 3787 or +386 1 477 37 87 (morning)
    • phone: 3668 or +386 1 477 36 68 (other times, emergencies)
    • phone: 3929 or +386 1 477 39 29