ARK_2008 / Programme

Preliminary Scientific Programme

Monday, June 26 - Morning:
Methods in Kinematics

09.30-09.50 - J. Andrade-Cetto, F. Thomas: Wire-based tracking using mutual information
09.50-10.10 - G. Nawratil: The control number as index for Stewart Gough platforms
10.10-10.30 - C. Innocenti, D. Paganelli: Determining the 3x3 rotation matrices that satisfy three linear equations in the direction cosines
10.30-10.50 - P.M. Larochelle: A polar decomposition based displacement metric for a finite region of SE
10.50-11.20 - Break
11.20-11.40 - J.-P. Merlet, P. Donelan: On the regularity of the inverse Jacobian of parallel robots
11.40-12.00 - P. Fanghella, C. Galletti, E. Giannotti: Parallel robots that change their group of motion
12.00-12.20 - A.P. Murray, B.M. Korte, J.P. Schmiedeler: Approximating planar, morphing curves with rigid-body linkages
12.20-12.40 - M. Zoppi, D. Zlatanov, R. Molfino: On the velocity analysis of non-parallel closed chain mechanisms section

Monday, June 26 - Afternoon:
Properties of Mechanisms

16.00-16.20 - H. Bamberger, M. Shoham, A. Wolf: Kinematics of micro planar parallel robot comprising large joint clearances
16.20-16.40 - H.K. Jung, C.D. Crane III, R.G. Roberts: Stiffness mapping of planar compliant parallel mechanisms in a serial arrangement
16.40-17.00 - Y. Wang, G.S. Chirikjian: Large kinematic error propagation in revolute manipulators
17.00-17.20 - A. Pott, M. Hiller: A framework for the analysis, synthesis and optimization of parallel kinematic machines
17.20-17.50 - Break
17.50-18.10 - Z. Luo, J.S. Dai: Searching for undiscovered planar straight-line linkages
18.10-18.30 - X. Kong, C.M. Gosselin: Type synthesis of three-DOF up-equivalent parallel manipulators using a virtual-chain approach
18.30-18.50 - A. De Santis, P. Pierro, B. Siciliano: The multiple virtual end-effectors approach for human-robot interaction section

Tuesday, June 27 - Morning:
Humanoids and Biomedicine

09.30-09.50 - J. Babič, D. Omrčen, J. Lenarčič: Balance and control of human inspired jumping robot
09.50-10.10 - J. Park, F.C. Park: A convex optimization algorithm for stabilizing whole-body motions of humanoid robots
10.10-10.30 - R. Di Gregorio, V. Parenti-Castelli: Parallel mechanisms for knee orthoses with selective recovery action
10.30-10-50 - S. Ambike, J.P. Schmiedeler: Modeling time invariance in human arm motion coordination
10.50-11.20 - Break
11.20-11.40 - M. Veber, T. Bajd, M. Munih: Assessment of finger joint angles and calibration of instrumental glove
11.40-12.00 - R. Konietschke, G. Hirzinger, Y. Yan: All singularities of the 9-DOF DLR medical robot setup for minimally invasive applications
12.00-12.20 - G. Liu, R.J. Milgram, A. Dhanik, J.C. Latombe: On the inverse kinematics of a fragment of protein backbone
12.20-12.40 - V. De Sapio, J. Warren, O. Khatib: Predicting reaching postures using a kinematically constrained shoulder model

Wednesday, June 28 - Morning:
Analysis of Mechanisms

09.30-09.50 - D. Chablat, P. Wenger, I.A. Bonev: Self motions of special 3-RPR planar parallel robot
09.50-10.10 - A. Degani, A. Wolf: Graphical singularity analysis of 3-DOF planar parallel manipulators
10.10-10.30 - C. Bier, A. Campos, J. Hesselbach: Direct singularity closeness indexes for the hexa parallel robot
10.30-10.50 - Karger: Stewart-Gough platforms with simple singularity surface
10.50-11.20 - Break
11.20-11.40 - A. Kecskemèthy, M. Tändl: A robust model for 3D tracking in object-oriented multibody systems based on singularity-free Frenet framing
11.40-12.00 - P. Ben-Horin, M. Shoham: Singularity of a class of Gough-Stewart platforms with three concurrent joints
12.00-12.20 - T.K. Tanev: Singularity analysis of a 4-DOF parallel manipulator using geometric algebra
12.20-12.40 - R. Daniel, R. Dunlop: A geometrical interpretation of 3-3 mechanism singularities

Wednesday, June 28 - Afternoon:
Workspace and Performance

16.00-16.20 - J.A. Carretero, G.T. Pond: Quantitative dexterous workspace comparisons
16.20-16.40 - E. Ottaviano, M. Husty, M. Ceccarelli: Level-set method for workspace analysis of serial manipulators
16.40-17.00 - M. Gouttefarde, J-P. Merlet, D. Daney: Determination of the wrench-closure workspace of 6-DOF parallel cable-driven mechanisms
17.00-17.20 - G. Gogu: Fully-isotropic hexapods
17.20-17.50 - Break
17.50-18.10 - P. Last, J. Hesselbach: A new calibration stategy for a class of parallel mechanisms
18.10-18.30 - M. Krefft, J. Hesselbach: The dynamic optimization of PKM
18.30-18.50 - J.A. Snyman: On non-assembly in the optimal synthesis of serial manipulators performing prescribed tasks

Thursday, June 29 - Morning:
Design of Mechanisms

09.30-09.50 - W.A. Khan, S. Caro, D. Pasini, J. Angeles, Complexity-analysis for the conceptual design of robotic architecture
09.50-10.10 - D.V. Lee, S.A. Velinsky Robust three-dimensional non-contacting angular motion sensor
10.10-10.30 - K. Brunnthaler, H.-P. Schröcker, M. Husty, Synthesis of spherical four-bar mechanisms using spherical kinematic mapping
10.30-10.50 - R. Vertechy, V. Parenti-Castelli, Synthesis of 2-DOF spherical fully parallel mechanisms
10.50-11.20 - Break
11.20-11.40 - G.S. Soh, J.M. McCarthy, Constraint synthesis for planar n-R robots
11.40-12.00 - T. Bruckmann, A. Pott, M. Hiller, Calculating force distributions for redundantly actuated tendon-based Stewart platforms
12.00-12.20 - P. Boning, S. Dubowsky, A study of minimal sensor topologies for space robots
12.20-12.40 - M. Callegari, M.-C. Palpacelli, Kinematics and optimization of the translating 3-CCR/3-RCC parallel mechanisms

Thursday, June 29 - Afternoon:
Motion Synthesis and Mobility

16.00-16.20 - C.-C. Lee, J.M. Hervè, Pseudo-planar motion generators
16.20-16.40 - S. Krut, F. Pierrot, O. Company, On PKM with articulated travelling-plate and large tilting angles
16.40-17.00 - C.R. Diez-Martínez, J.M. Rico, J.J. Cervantes-Sánchez, J. Gallardo, Mobility and connectivity in multiloop linkages
17.00-17.20 - K. Tchón, J. Jakubiak, Jacobian inverse kinematics algorithms with variable steplength for mobile manipulators
17.20-17.50 Break
17.50-18.10 - J. Zamora-Esquivel, E. Bayro-Corrochano, Kinematics and grasping using conformal geometric algebra
18.10-18.30 - R. Subramanian, K. Kazerounian, Application of kinematics tools in the study of internal mobility of protein molecules
18.30-18.50 - O. Altuzarra, C. Pinto, V. Petuya, A. Hernandez, Motion pattern singularity in lower mobility parallel manipulators

Preliminary Social Programme

Sunday, June 25 - Evening:

20.00 - ARK welcome reception, Grand Hotel Union

Monday, June 26 - Evening:

20.00 - ARK brainstorming evening, wine cellar

Tuesday, June 27 - Afternoon:

14.00 - ARK excursion to Bled, tourists visit and sport events

Wednesday, June 28 - Evening:

13.00: ARK outdoor party in ancient Ljubljana

Thursday, June 29 - Evening:

20.00 - ARK farewell party, Jazz Club

Preliminary Accompanying Persons Programme

Monday, June 26:

10.00-12.00 - Sightseeing tour of Ljubljana - a guided walking tour through the centre, castle, different historical periods in the Virtual Museum (15,00 EUR per person)

Wednesday, June 28:

09.00-15.00 - Visit to Postojna caves, an impressive, two million years old underground world. Included bus transport, guide, entrance to the caves, wine and prosciuto tasting (50,00 EUR per person, minimum 20 persons)

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